An open letter to Dr Tim Dean

This letter is being published openly in the hope that someone may come forward with the missing word to solve what has been a great puzzle for me.

Dear Tim,

I am writing to you in the great hope that you can provide a missing piece of the puzzle I have been trying to solve for many years. As you know, I have been working under the name Social Science and this is a particularly exciting time with the realization of a musical vision I have held for a long, long time.

So of course in these troubled times, it’s not enough to simply create a work of art. Unless I can clearly communicate who I am and what I am saying it’s not going to reach the people I am trying to reach out to.

So clarifying core values and messaging has been a significant focus. I feel a lot of it is getting quite succinct but the issue is that when I use the word Social the expectation is that I am describing the relationship from one person to another.

I am, but this is a secondary focus for me. My primary focus is all about exploring who we are at our core, how we all perceive the same world differently and looking at how we work – often acting on patterns of behavior of which we are largely unconscious.

So -

I need to find a word to describe each person’s relationship to themselves – their inside world. Somewhere between psychology, philosophy and the secular, ethical aspects of religion. Ideally it is one word, maybe two. It needs to be able to clearly communicate to an audience of any age.

Any thoughts will be seriously appreciated.

Thank you,