How to play using 4 sticks on the kit

Just posted on youtube a lesson/demo of what I have discovered so far in my investigation using 4 sticks on the drum kit.

Goodness me, what an adventure. I had some mighty wrestles with (non-drumming) technology to make this happen. Tell you what is worse than a gadget not working – when a gadget works intermittently. Operational just enough to show you that you can’t do without it, then won’t turn on for 3 days. Aaaargggghh!

Still, I am pleased this is up. It’s been a very worthwhile exploration and I am convinced it has merit.

If you would like, pop over to the videos page and check it out. It doesn’t matter if you are not a drummer. I would suggest 4 chopsticks or perhaps even 4 pencils would be a great way to start exploring this interesting topic while at the same time annoying those around you. That’s a win/win isn’t it?