A bit about The Experiment: Scripts, Illustrations & Animations

OK. Let’s dive into it.

My big thing – the phrase in my mind which best expresses my vision is Rock Opera. I have concerns about this being misinterpreted as musical theatre. I am talking music with story and theatrical techniques.

So in 2009 I had recorded the tracks for this EP ‘Experiment’. I wanted to be able to show you what was in my mind. I didn’t want the vision to be constrained by budget. So we launched into storyboarding. The brief was – “what if I had a hundred million dollars and a year to live?” Initially, the stories were not intended to be related. A series of 5 video clips. As the process evolved, a suggestion came from the writing team to connect the first and last of the 5 videos which was so brilliant it had to make it in.

His holiness Jeremiah Wallis:

So early on in the adventure, in 2009, I went looking on elance for illustrators. I found Jeremiah Wallis. For me it has been one of the first experiences of having a complete, intense working relationship without ever having met face to face. I know in these modern times that is not wildly remarkable, however I still find it amazing I have someone on the other side of the world I have never met who I would truly call a friend. Jeremiah has an uncanny ability to read between the lines to create some cinematic flavoured masterpieces. I would call him a truly noble human being as well as a seriously fine illustrator.

The very talented Tom Spiers did some sensational work adding animation to Jeremiah’s still frames to bring you these animations.

During this adventure and the my favourite advance in technology – skype – I had the privelidge of working with some great writers and great people from all over the world in developing the scripts for these videos. I must particularly thank Rivka Willick – a remarkable woman; storyteller, life coach, saint.