A bit about Broken

Broken was written in some of the darkest days of my life. My aim was to bring into sound what it felt like inside on days where the sun didn’t shine in my world.

In my younger days, I spent many years playing percussion in the Sydney Youth Orchestra. Some of the peak musical moments etched in my brain are playing onstage at the Sydney Opera House with 100 musicians in front of me and 300 choristers singing their hearts out behind me, and me belting the living heck out of a Bass Drum and Gong. That is good times. So I wanted to draw all possible forces together in this soundtrack for the darkest of times. The 46 piece Northern Beaches Symphonic Wind Ensemble were absolutely wonderful in playing on this track. The Sydney West Singers were very patient in recording all six glorious singers at once, and then doing it again, and again to build a mighty choir.

The conductor character in the video, whose rough day we see in Broken, is The Superconductor. I have a very soft spot for a conductor with slightly superhero powers. More adventures in the pipeline.

My intention was to create the middle 8 of doom. Please do let me know if you are ever listening to the middle 8 and your lights dim or radio explodes.

I don’t expect this track to be a hit at weddings, however if you get what it is to have a rough day, I hope it resonates.db