A bit about Life Goes On

Life Goes On. The thing for me about troubled times is that they seem so all consuming. When I am feeling rough, sunshine is a long way away.  I think the sentiment is best summed up in the blues lyric “The sun is shining, but it’s raining in my heart”. In a way this song is to try and remind myself that all phases are temporary and even though my heart is soggy, the sun is still there above the clouds, about to come out.

The opening shot of the zoom out, from the flowers in the field to the solar system is all about perspective.
Sometimes I like to think of myself as an ant, among other ants, running around on our busy ness, feeling our errands are so urgent and important. I find it comforting to think that my little dramas are in fact only that.

I am playing guitar and singing. The very awesome Jes Stovold is singing b.v’s. The mighty Alex Boneham is doing some pretty amazing work on the double bass.