Someone to Believe In

In the nineties, I bought my first car for $50. A 1968 Corona. Glory. A week later, Greg’s mate gave me another for two bottles of wine. Two weeks later we swapped over the gearbox and engine from one to the other and created Lucy the Love Machine. A magnificent car with quarter windows and plenty of style.

Now Lucy only had an AM radio. So I started listening to radio where people spoke instead ofplaying music. I stumbled across the channel where they broadcast parliament.
I was pretty disgusted with what I was hearing. I was working a lot in schools at the time. I remember thinking over and again that this level of disrespect would never be tolerated in a classroom. The behaviours I was hearing would be displayed in the playground by the bullies and kids who would grow up to sell used cars.
It was such a stark contrast to the values that I saw teachers working very hard to instill in our next generation. The values of courtesy, respect, honesty, integrity.

So I wrote this song. Never quite got round to releasing it. Although it was originally written for a very different prime minister, I still feel the same way when I look at the political landscape around me.

In Australia recently, I have been watching the political upheavals unfold within the ruling party as we head to our next election. I find myself thinking more than ever – please give me someone to believe in. I am developing a quietly skeptical attitude that I may not live to see this wish fulfilled.I have decided to share this in the hope that some people may appreciate the sentiment.